Southern Lagoon fishing Villages and Chioggia

map_southern-02Cruise from Venice to Lido (1) passing by the island of Poveglia (2), a former quarantine station, to reach the village of Malamocco (3), the first home of the Doge of Venice. Continue to pass by the port entrance of Alberoni (4), famous for its beautiful golf course, and reach the thinner island of Pellestrina, which includes the villages of San Pietro in Volta and Pellestrina itself. The whole island is protected from the sea by an imposing stone barrier, called “Murazzi”, built by the Venetian Republic to prevent the sea wearing out lagoon leeves.

The 10-kilometre stretch of murazzi from Pellestrina to Cà Roman (5) stands alone to separate the lagoon from the Adriatic Sea. Before crossing the port to Chioggia you may to stop for some bird-watching at the uncontaminated natural reserve of Cà Roman. The last stop is Chioggia (6), a fishing village, very similar to Venice, characterized by its many bridges and canals.