Wine tasting on the Islands

map_wine_tastingVineries in the middle of a lagoon: sounds strange, doesn’t it?

Cruise from Venice to the islands and see for yourself. The first stop will be at Sant’Erasmo (1), the vegetable garden of Venice. Here, beside the famous violet artichoke, some important vineyards have been created to produce a unique white wine. You will taste it the garden facing the lagoon among fruit trees and cultivated grounds: a breath-taking experience.

The tour may continue on the small and picturesque Mazzorbo (2), another island connected by a wooden bridge to Burano. In Mazzorbo lies the tenuta Venissa with the ancient walled vegetable garden as well as the native vineyards of Venice. On this unique island, the ancient Venetian vines cultivated during the Serenissima Republic, have been wisely replanted and only recently rediscovered. The wine has a slightly salty touch as grapes absorb some salt from the ground making it very tasty and different from Sant’Erasmo’s white wine. Beside wine tasting, you may seriously consider making your lunch very special by trying some delicious local food.